Horizon Glassworks

Jl. Raya Kengetan, Ubud
Tel: +623617804014
Email: info@horizonglassworks.com

Go book a glassblowing tour. Say Hello to Ron and see handmade glass, expert craftmanship, best materials and great prices on solid sculpture and more. Trained at the world-recognised centre for hot glass - Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State's Cascade Mountains - Horizon Glassworks founder Ron Seivertson believes the process of creating hot glass art is all encompassing. "There is something about the material that is alive," he says. "Before being melted it is pure silica sand; after melting it is glass, and it will be glass forever - there is an alchemy in this process." Ron transforms molten glass into sophisticated sculptures and vessels alike, capturing the fragile beauty of the subjects that inspire his work. Visit the workshop on the south end of Sayan Ridge and see art in creation. Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.