Balquisse Living

Jalan Sunset Road 18a
Tel: +623618476833

Balquisse Living is a 1.300m2 showroom on Sunset Road housing four perfectly matched brands under the same roof: Hishem Furniture, Shahinaz Furniture, Shahinaz Collection, Aisha Timeless Collection and ZB Design. The first, Hishem, is a furniture manufacturer since 1995 specializing in outdoor synthetic rattan and both indoor and outdoor wooden furniture. The second brand, Shahinaz Collection, is a soft furnishing specialist offering a large array of fabrics handpicked by Zohra Boukhari. Finally, Aisha Timeless Collection is an amazing collection of lamps as well as curios and antiques collected around the archipelago and renovated before being displayed. Last but not least, ZB Design is the advisor in terms of Interior Decoration and Design where Zohra can help you to create the perfect harmony between your style, your place and all the wonderful pieces on offer in Balquisse Living.