Kilo Bali Kitchen

Jl. Drupadi No.22, Seminyak
Tel: +623614741006

Hidden behind an industrial cement wall, Kilo is a mystery that deserves to be solved. Host Alejandro brings a lot of Spanish charm to Kilo, and he is a great entertainer, flitting from table to table, supplying explanations of the dishes. The menu doesn't tell the whole story so be sure to ask for Alejandro to help you out. Dining here can be adventurous, sexy and beautifully balanced on the tightrope of culinary fusion. Latino meets Asian in surprisingly successful dishes that float from sushi with a tickle, to cocktails laced with herbs and spices and a range of dishes with Asian sensibility and Latino-inspiration, dishes that dance with Italian mamas dressed in Korean dresses wearing Japanese scents . . . it's out there but it works. And did I mention that they serve the finest cocktails you will taste anywhere. Highlights of the menu include Seafood Ceviche with tuna, salmon, and octopus; Beef Tongue Tacos with an apple miso slaw, roasted jalapeo, and garlic butter; Spicy Duck & Pomelo Salad with nam yam, green mango, and duck skin; and Chicken Bulgogi with pickled shiitakes, tempura flakes, and horseradish mayo . . . and like me, you are none the wiser, right? This one was a winner.