Gong @ The Gangsa

Jl. Tirta Akasa No. 28, Sanur
Tel: +62361270260
Email: info@thegangsa.com

The Gangsa presents an exciting dining experience at Gong restaurant, featuring the Balinese rijsttafel, Indonesia's real culinary pleasure to sample some of the Bali's best cuisines. A selection of the island's richest and most flavoursome dishes are presented in one grand meal. It includes the freshest seafood, beef, chicken, pork and vegetables all carefully prepared with the local's best herbs and spices to tantalize your senses. Accompanied by steamed yellow rice and spicy condiments, this tasty array of delights is a heritage from the era when Indonesia was under colonial dutch rule. Balinese rijsttafel is available everyday for lunch and dinner at only US$30++ per person offering diners the unique opportunity to embark on a flavoursome journey through local culinary traditions.