Sanctoo Villas

Jl Raya Singapadu, Gianyar
Tel: +623614711222

The Sanctoo means a private or sacred place and that is exactly what you will find there. With 12 private sanctuary villas with private pool and decking area, this is your ultimate Bali getaway. Adjacent to the famous Bali Zoo only 20 minutes drive south of Ubud. Here you can be immersed in the Singapadu village and witness a rural life in a little paradise, surrounded with the natural beauty of the Wos River gorge. The three main villas are 300 sqm and reflect the philosophy and culture of three main Islands with their intricate designs. Celebes also known as Sulawesi is home for Toraja tribe, an indigenous tribe that live in the mountainous area, famous for their elaborate funeral rites Borneo often called Kalimantan, one of five biggest islands which has thick rainforests and famous for orangutan. One of the native tribes is the Dayak, who are also known as people of the forest. Bali famous with its Hindu tradition, also has a large number of artisans and very rich in culture. Enjoy the service and facilities from dining experience at the restaurant or you can Breakfast or Lunch with Elephants at the Bali Zoo. There is also a luxury spa where you can indulge in pampering spa treatments.