Tiger Palm

Seminyak Village, Jalan Kayu Jati No.8
Tel: +6281236343386
Email: info@tigerpalmbali.com

This elegant eatery is in the forecourt of the new Seminyak Village mall. So the aromas draw you in from the street. Inside you will be treated to secret recipes from hidden family archives or from street stalls all with that familiar Will Meyrick twist. Tiger Palm menu has a diverse cuisine with rich curries and braises, rarefied tandoori and roasts with complex marinated meats, fiery sambal, stir-fries, crispy whole fish and delectable dim sum. Dig into the Cheung Fun, a shredded braised beef with coriander and ginger rolled into a soft white noodle, steamed and set into a shallow soup. The stir-fried squid is delicately coated and flash fried to crispy perfection then pushed into the stratosphere by a fiery sambal that is hot and pungent.