Bumbu Bali

Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
Tel: +62361774502
Email: info@balifoods.com

First he taught himself to cook the authentic Balinese dishes his local chefs ate at home and then he went on to teach others. Heinz Von Holzen was Executive Chef at Grand Hyatt Bali when he realized that there were no local dishes on the menu. His chefs were surprised by his interest and many said they never cooked themselves at home. He went on a journey of discovery, which led to publishing cookbooks, adding Balinese dishes to hotel and resort menus and eventually to Bumbu Cooking School, which opened in 1997. Classes are held three times a week and start early in the morning at Jimbaran markets. Learning about the local ingredients is key to mastering Balinese cooking. Then to the famous seafood markets in Jimbaran, before heading back to the classroom for a traditional breakfast. Bumbu Bali's kitchen is as close to authentic as you will find, even the utensils are the same. Guests don black and white aprons and learn hands-on how to create the classic dishes of Bali. The classes end with lunch, when participants get to taste the food they have created, with a little help from the local chefs. For ten years, Heinz and his cooks have been running these classes and tours, it’s a fabulous way to learn about the culture as well as the food. Special classes can be arranged in advance and often Heinz himself will be your guide.