Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy

Four Seasons, Jimbaran Bay
Tel: +62361701010

You just know this is going to be brilliant the moment you arrive. Four Seasons at Jimbaran set up a dedicated cooking school over a decade ago. With a beautiful glossy cookbook, created by their various chefs around South East Asia, the Academy offers a chance to learn how to cook a choice of menus from around the archipelago, including Bali. The Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy has a full time head chef, Anak Agung Kristy Yudha, or Kris as he is known. He personally takes guests on a tour of the jimbaran markets – just ten minutes away – to see how locals shop and also to provide some insights into the traditional heritage of the village. Back at the resort, a dedicated garden allows guests to pick fresh ingredients before getting down to the art of cooking in the modern, air-conditioned kitchen. Yes, this one is slightly more expensive, but you do walk away with hands on knowledge of how to create these recipes, as each guest has a dedicated station. You also learn to make local drinks including the famous health sensation, jamu, made with fresh turmeric. Following the class guests enjoy their creations at the communal dining table.