La Brisa

Jl Pantai Batu Mejan Gg La Brisa, Echo Beach
Tel: +628113946666

As soon as you set foot in La Brisa you know you have been invited into our home. Hand decorated with an ocean themed, with sand, seashells, antique buoys, handmade fishing rods, straw baskets, fishing nets, hand woven chairs, benches and swings, all swirled together to create a marvelous illusion of being taken back in time. It feels almost magical and radiates ture Balinese character and they serve up some of the most exquisite food and cocktails. The menu is devoted to the lover of fresh seafood and they serve up local, fresh produce at an affordable price. The innovative drinks menu screams true island life using exotic fruits, home made infused spirits as well as unheard of cocktail combinations. You must experience the ambience to fully appreciate the majesty and the authenticity. It is more than a place it is an experience. Stop by and surrender yourself.